Wood Bee Designs Kitchens

At Wood Bee Designs, we pride ourselves on expert craftsmanship and a professional service. We offer a bespoke kitchen design service where you can specify exactly what you're looking for.

Blue Shaker Kitchen

This Kitchen is known as the Blue Shaker Kitchen and is one of our most popular designs. The Blue Shaker offers a traditional look, including granite worktops and a glass cabinet, while creating a warm and homely feeling inside your kitchen.

Pale Green Kitchen

This Kitchen is another variation of the Shaker Style kitchen that we offer, however, this time in a pale-green colour with solid oak worktops. We find this Kitchen is particularly popular in newer apartments and homes as it's contemporary in design and really brightens up the room.

Blue contemporary Apt Photo

This Kitchen design is most popular for apartments as it's smaller in size and is designed with smaller apartments in mind. This surface door shaker style kitchen includes solid oak worktops and really adds a sense of luxury to any apartment.


A traditional off-white, in-frame, Shaker style kitchen with solid walnut worktops. This Kitchen is a very popular design and is one of our favourites. Perfect for any home looking for a redesigned kitchen.


This contemporary white kitchen is a fitting design for any homeowner that is looking to renovate their existing kitchen. With ample worktop space and eloquently designed cupboards and drawers, this kitchen is favourite amongst our customers.


A slight variation on the Blue Shaker Kitchen, this kitchen incorporates a strong presence of white to create a clean yet warm and contemporary kitchen for your home. As shown in the photo, the island in this kitchen really opens up the space for the homeowner.


Here we have a customer favourite, the Retro style kitchen. As shown in the photo, this kitchen is best for smaller spaces and really makes the most of those spaces. This would be one of our favourites also as it really creates a beautiful space to cook in without compromising on utility.


Last we have one of our traditional range kitchens. As you can see from the image, this kitchen focuses on clean worktops, ample space and storage and colour palette that creates a clean and warm cooking environment.

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